Assuring a Safe Community for All Residents

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Being truly safe on the streets, in stores, in schools and in one’s own home is a basic expectation for all residents of Valparaiso.

To that end, the community must be committed to assuring that safety for all of the people who live or work or visit here. Actions include:

One - Advocating for, creating and enforcing

for Renewable Energy Systems (geothermal, solar, wind and hydro);

Two -Beginning a community wide conversation

exploring the concept of family, school, racial, gender and micro-aggression violence and provide a mechanism to publicly report and show responses to those incidents;

Three - Assuring that all law enforcement personnel

have extensive training in the prevention of the negative impacts of racial profiling;

four - Encourage, throughout venues in the community

(schools, churches, book clubs, etc), the reading of literature which exposes and dramatizes real historical and cultural violence;

Five - Committing to a community wide effort

to moving toward a rational gun control environment by:

• knowing state and national legislators and their positions on gun control,
• electing local leaders that support common sense gun control, and
• advocating for common sense regulation of guns and ammunition, like the proposals put forth by the Parkland students, including: banning assault weapons, universal background checks, plugging the gun show loophole, raising the age to purchase weapons to 21.

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