Healthy Community

Assuring a Healthy Community

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While much of health care policy is being debated at the federal level, there are actions that can and should be taken locally to assure that our residents have access to high quality and affordable care services.

We support actions and policies which  ensure Valparaiso is a healthy community in which to live and work. Actions include:


One - Widely disseminating information

ment process for Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) and the federal health exchange to assure that all eligible are covered;

Two - Building partnerships between health care providers

to address the continuing issues of access to services, including detox and addiction services, and;

Three -Requesting that Porter County develop a strategy

for the use of the conversion fund that resulted from the sale of the former Porter Memorial Hospital and, with public and health care expert input, assure that a significant portion is targeted to the improvement of the health of the broader community.

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